Gonzaga Basketball: WCC preparing Bulldogs enough for the NCAA Tournament?

Gonzaga Basketball has been so dominant in the WCC, making the NCAA tournament 21 straight times since 1999. Has it become too easy for the Bulldogs?

For many years Gonzaga Basketball have been very dominant in the West Coast Conference. The Bulldogs have won the WCC Regular Season Title 17 times total, and six straight since 2013. While you can say the success of the Bulldogs is because of the great scouting and coaching staff they have, we have to look at the bigger picture is this conference just too easy for the Zags?

Gonzaga did consider switching conferences back in 2018. 

Back in 2018 CBS Sports reported that Gonzaga eyed a move to Mountain West Conference but would this be a good fit for the Zags? The Moutain West Conference could possibly bring a new challenge for the Zags, with teams such as San Diego State as well as Boise State. San Diego State has been dominant in the Moutain West Conference. They have won twenty-one regular season titles and have won the Moutain West Championship seven times most recently in 2018.

Gonzaga has made the NCAA Tournament 22 Times, 21 times straight since 1999.

Gonzaga has made the NCAA Tournament a total of 22 times, and 21 straight since 1999. Does this prove that the West Coast Conference may be the easy route for the Zags to secure an automatic bid to the NCAA tournament? For the answer to that question, let us look at the 2019 season. The Bulldogs were the first team to beat Duke at full strength, back when Duke had a healthy Zion Williamson back in the Maui Invitational.

Gonzaga has also outscored their WCC opponents in the 2019 season by an average of twenty-eight points, but what more impressive is the Zags have been averaging eighty-eight points this season against WCC Opponents. With this being said many will argue that the WCC is just too easy for the Zags.

Gonzaga receives No. 1 seed in the 2019 NCAA Tournament.

Despite a loss to the Saint Mary’s Gales in the WCC Championship Title Game, the Zags received the No. 1 seed in the West Region of the 2019 NCAA Tournament. The Zags also finished ranked second in the 2019 Net Rankings. With wins over Arizona, Duke and Texas A&M This help propelled the Zags to the number one seed this season. Remember the Bulldogs defeated Duke at full strength back win Zion Williamson was healthy, so we know this year’s Zags team can compete with the power conferences in this tournament.

So is the West Coast Conference Too Easy For Gonzaga?

Based on what we can see the Zags have completely dominated the West Coast Conference. Looking at the overall stats, I do believe that the WCC maybe to easy of a conference for the Bulldogs Program. I say this because Head Coach Mark Few had really been able to build up and produce one heck of a program. Gonzaga has multiple former players who have or who are currently playing in the National Basketball Association.

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I think with the success Few has had through his many year’s of coaching at Gonzaga, he and his coaching staff at Gonzaga should look at ways to either move to a better conference that will give the Zags more of a tournament-like challenge. And a more challenging way to make sure they get a spot in the NCAA Tournament.