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NCAA Basketball: Top 5 future bets (long shots) to win 2020 championship

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Photo Credit: Gregory Shamus - Getty Images /
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NCAA Basketball 2019-2020 top 5 future bets
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Which NCAA Basketball teams this upcoming season have the best value and which long-shot teams should you be betting on? Here are my top-5 future bets (long shots).

Placing a future bet on a team to win the NCAA Basketball Championship is an efficient strategy for a bettor to take advantage of value in the betting market. Remember, odds adjust and change throughout the season based on a teams’ performance. If a team who has odds, let’s say at 100/1, starts rattling off several wins and makes the tournament, you will see the teams’ odds drop. Conversely, odds also will rise if a team struggles in comparison to where their odds were initially set.

As a bettor, you want to try to focus in on teams that having high odds and anticipate those odds dropping, which is advantageous for a bettor. The futures market is all about finding value and this piece will list the five long shot future bets that I’ve identified the best value in, and this is something we always try to capitalize on over at CapWize. This will open up the door to utilize hedging techniques or to use a service such as PropSwap to profit off your ticket throughout the season. For the classification of a “long shot”, I categorize that as a team that has odds 50/1 (+5000) or higher.

Remember, a $10 bet on a team winning the National Championship at 100/1 would return $1000 if the bet wins. Here are my top five long-shot future bets on teams that are under the radar and will make some noise this season.

This top five is made up of the Big Ten (two teams), Pac-12 (two teams), and the Big East. My analysis was developed based off of returning players, coaching, expectations, and results from last year. Then, that data/criteria were cross-referenced to the current odds at hand for teams to win the NCAA College Basketball Championship.

(Odds used are from Bovada and are subject to change)