NCAA Basketball: 15 most-feared programs on the recruiting trail

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MEMPHIS, TN – MARCH 14: A general view. (Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images)

Recruiting is the most important part of building a strong NCAA basketball program. Which schools are the most-feared on the recruiting trail?

Recruiting is at the core of NCAA basketball. Year in and year out, the top programs in the nation seek out elite high school players for potential commitments. While the transfer market has certainly gained traction in recent years, landing top high schoolers remains the No. 1 priority for roster construction. With scouting services gaining more and more popularity, it has also become clear which programs are the best on the recruiting trail each year. The “one-and-done” era has led to a few schools consistently snagging top-5 recruiting classes in the nation.

Quality recruiting, though, takes lots of factors. Coaches need to be able to build strong relationships, programs need to have basketball history, and teams need to have title aspirations in order to constantly land top-rated classes. As a result, there are very few programs that are “feared” on the recruiting trail. By “feared”, I mean that these schools and coaches are dangerous in every single recruiting battle that they end up joining, no matter how late they enter the game. These programs are always in the running for highly-rated prospects and land commitments more often than not.

This article will discuss my opinion on the 15 most-feared programs in the country on the recruiting trail, including a look at some honorable mentions as well. These schools are at the forefront of the nation every single year with regards to recruiting and play on the court. In order to make these rankings, I took a look at five-year and two-year averages for recruiting class rankings of programs around the country and also made several changes myself based on recent developments. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a dive into analyzing the most-feared recruiting programs in the nation.

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