NCAA Basketball: 10 “can’t-miss” players to watch for in 2019-20

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LIMA, PERU – AUGUST 04: Myles Powell of of United States controls the ball during Men’s Basketball Bronze Medal match between United States and Dominican Republic on Day 9 of Lima 2019 Pan American Games at Eduardo Dibós Coliseum on August 04, 2019 in Lima, Peru. (Photo by Daniel Apuy/Getty Images)

Every year NCAA Basketball has its fair share of “can’t-miss” players; the ones who might have you kicking yourself for not watching them. Here are 10 players you don’t want to miss in 2019-20.

As each individual NCAA Basketball season progresses, a collection of teams and players takeover the national spotlight. The likes of Zion Williamson and Trae Young have been a couple of the more extreme examples in recent years.

They are the type of players who are simply fun to watch and experience. The ones who create the narrative of the season as it progresses. For that reason, they are the type of players you might describe as “can’t-miss” players.

Thereby lies the premise of this piece: to pick out a collection of players who will likely define the narrative of this season. These are the players you want to tell a friend to watch if they “just want to get this gist” of the 2019-20 college basketball year.

Whether it be because of a player’s potential draft hype, their chances in the award races, their otherworldly projected statistics, or even them just being genuinely jaw-dropping to watch perform; here are 10 players that even the most casual college basketball fan should not miss this season.

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