Duke Basketball: Analyzing Blue Devils 2019-20 opening starting lineup

Duke Basketball used a starting lineup on Tuesday night that surprised many, but it seemed to work with the use of their bench as well.

Duke Basketball used a starting lineup Tuesday night that many did not see coming. With so many top recruits at various positions, many thought the starting lineup would look something like this:

Well to the surprise of many, Wendell Moore who was the 22nd ranked recruit in the Class of 2019, came off the bench. Instead of starting Moore, Coach K went with a guy in Jordan Goldwire who averaged only 8.6 minutes per game in 2018-19.

Goldwire is known for his defense and in several games such as the large comeback against Louisville and in many of the ACC Tournament games, Goldwire played a key role.

While he’s not great on the offensive end with a career average of only 0.9 points per game, he makes up for it by moving the ball around and being a defensive beast. While Goldwire got his first career start on Tuesday night, he played only 13 total minutes.

Going forward it will be interesting to see whether or not Goldwire will continue to start. Off the bench, Alex O’Connell got nearly double the minutes Goldwire did so it raises the question of whether or not Coach K will go with the offensive-minded O’Connell or the defensive-minded Goldwire.

Or does he go in another direction and opts for the size of Wendell Moore who got only 12 minutes in the first game of the season?

Personally, I liked the starting lineup Duke went with on Tuesday because it’s one that I believe covers the best of both worlds. This was Duke’s starting lineup from Tuesday night:

This is a lineup that could work, but also it’s a lineup that could potentially be improved upon. With this lineup, you’re getting a guy in Tre Jones who can move the ball around and also has the threat of driving to the basket. In Goldwire you’re getting a defensive specialist with passing ability, Stanley is a threat from anywhere, Hurt is a great shooter and Carey is a post presence.

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The only question is, what’s more valuable, a lot of defense without much of an offensive presence in Goldwire, or a more well-rounded player in Moore?