Busting Brackets Podcast: Many NCAA Basketball upsets so far in 2019-20

Massive upsets continue during this NCAA Basketball season. The latest Busting Brackets Podcast tries to explain why it’s going on.

Although we’re approaching the quiet period of the NCAA Basketball season due to finals and teams playing “buy games” before the start of conference play, that doesn’t mean that some notable results aren’t happening. This latest Busting Brackets Podcast episode looks at everything going on.

This episode was recorded right after the top-5 upsets of Texas Tech over No. 1 ranked Louisville, as well as Penn State beating Maryland. Which one was the more notable result? Our hosts Connor Hope and Brian Rauf break down the games and the potential impact.

With so many upsets going on, how will this play out the rest of the season? Should more losses be expected from all of the power conference teams? And could mid-majors be the biggest beneficiary with an opportunity to rise in the rankings?

Not all games were “upsets” in the past week, with several ranked matchups occurring. Virginia had an impressive win over North Carolina this past Sunday but the offense still is a work in progress. Brian discusses whether he buys the Cavaliers’ chances to repeat this postseason.

With so many ranked teams losing, that provides an opportunity for those outside the top-25 to make a move in the coming weeks. The guys name some programs to keep an eye on going forward, including somewhat of a shocker from Brian.

Taking a look towards Saturday, there are many intriguing matchups. The biggest is a top-15 battle between Gonzaga and Arizona. The guys preview this west coast contest and look more closely at the Wildcats and what they need to do to get the win. There’s also a deeper discussion about NCAA Basketball transfers from the mid-major level and what their realistic impact should be at the power conference level.

Oregon vs Michigan also gets previewed, along with some bold predictions for the weekend overall. Which team will be the most talked-about heading into next week? And based on what happens, the Pac-12 could get some scrutiny if their top teams lose. And what are the updated Player of the Year rankings?

Thanks for tuning in to the latest Busting Brackets Podcast. Check out here for all of our previous episodes and look out for what Connor and Brian have to say about Saturday’s results next time out.