NBA Draft: 5 biggest questions for rest of 2019-20 college hoops season

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NBA Draft

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 21: NBA Commissioner Adam Silver speaks during the 2018 NBA Draft (Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

A number of developments have had an impact on the NBA Draft status of several players. What should be expected going forward months away from June?

NBA Draft classes have largely been defined by how “strong” the incoming freshmen group. The 2019 class took early hits after LaMelo Ball and RJ Hampton took their talents overseas this season and not play college ball. Then there’s James Wiseman, who played just a few games for Memphis before leaving the team to go pro after being suspended by the NCAA for recruiting violations.

There are other freshmen playing well in NCAA Basketball but the consensus view is that it’s not as strong as previous seasons. That does provide opportunities for non-freshmen to break out and have their respective draft stocks rise. But which players does that include?

With no obvious answers to the casual observers, it’s important to have some “expert opinions” on the subject to answer some questions we may have. Luckily, there are a few Busting Brackets writers who also work on various NBA Draft content. Whether it’s mock drafts or simple analysis of individual players, these following gentlemen are go-to sources on the pro prospects of the current NCAA Basketball players.

Brian Rauf – @brauf33

Danny Priest – @dpriest3

Brandon Simberg – @BrandonSimberg

Trevor Marks – @twmarks_

Thanks to these guys for both their responses to this roundtable, as well as their work overall regarding the NBA Draft. Follow those guys along for not only the rest of the college hoops season but the months afterward heading up to the 2020 NBA Draft. Without further ado, here is our NBA Draft roundtable.

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