Bracketology 2020 Projected Field: Baylor, Kansas on the No. 1 seed line

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LUBBOCK, TEXAS – JANUARY 07: Gillespie of the Bears walks. (Photo by John E. Moore III/Getty Images)

Selection Sunday is approaching quickly in under two months. Our bracketology field as it stands currently features two Big 12 squads on the 1 line.

The end of January is upon us and the Selection Sunday is drawing nearer and nearer with each week. While many might still believe that it is too early to be analyzing resumes, the bracketology season is truly here. There is a large enough sample size at this point in the season to draw conclusions regarding many of the teams in the nation. Of course, there are bound to be abundant changes in the coming two months but this bracketology update will once again provide a snapshot of where teams might stand if the NCAA Tournament started right now.

At the top of the field, the No. 1 seeds are pretty clear right now.

Kansas and Baylor have both been superb out of the Big 12 and are more than deserving of being the top two teams in the bracket. Additionally, San Diego State continues to roll through its opposition as the lone undefeated team remaining in college hoops. Considering their trio of wins over potential tournament teams, the Aztecs have played a tough enough schedule to land on the top line. To round out the No. 1 seeds, Gonzaga’s efficiency metrics have improved over the last couple of weeks as it has emerged as arguably the best team in the country.

After that top line, though, the bracket becomes far murkier. West Virginia and Florida State, though, are perhaps the most worthy of holding No. 2 seeds while a number of other teams could climb onto that line easily within the coming few days. Moving closer to the bubble, there are a ton of uncertainties that will make the final two months of the year extremely intriguing. Will we see a 3-bid WCC and a 3-bid A10? It’s certainly a possibility.

Now, without any further ado, let’s dive into this week’s edition of my Bracketology Projected Field of 68. (Bracket is updated based on games completed through Jan. 23rd.)

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