NCAA Tournament 2020: Selection Committee bracket preview takeaways

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NCAA Tournament

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 8: Selection committee (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The Selection Committee released an early look at the top-16 seeds of the NCAA Tournament on Saturday and there were a couple of surprises.

Each year the Selection Committee for the NCAA Tournament does an early look at the top-16 seeds for the Big Dance. On Saturday they released their first look of the season and a couple of the teams were in surprising positions.

Here is what the South Region looks like:

  1. Baylor (1)
  2. Louisville (7)
  3. Seton Hall (11)
  4. Auburn (13)

Midwest Region:

  1. Kansas (2)
  2. Dayton (6)
  3. Florida State (10)
  4. Michigan State (16)

Keep in mind, this was before Saturday’s games so Michigan State would likely be out of the top-16 and would not be a four seed if they released a rankings list next week after their loss to Michigan on Saturday.

East Region:

  1. San Diego State (4)
  2. Duke (5)
  3. Maryland (9)
  4. Butler (15)

West Region:

  1. Gonzaga (3)
  2. West Virginia (8)
  3. Villanova (12)
  4. Oregon (14)

The most interesting team left out of the top-16 was probably Kentucky, but many feel as if the committee actually got the top-16 teams correct. Going into Saturday these were the top-16 teams in the nation, whether the order is wrong or not.

The question is, was the order correct? The Selection Committee sees the top-16 a lot different than the Associated Press does, so without further ado, here are the three biggest takeaways from the first March Madness Bracket Preview:

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