NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga vs San Diego State and other big questions for the week

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NCAA Basketball

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 8: The NCAA Basketball Tournament Selection Committee (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The NCAA Basketball early bracket reveal gave plenty of conversations and questions. This latest roundtable discusses everything that went down.

There were a lot of opinions and thoughts from NCAA Basketball fans and analysts after the Saturday’s early bracket reveal via the Selection Committee. They gave us a glimpse of the top 16 seeds and where they currently stand, although we know that everything will change in the next month of action.

What happened from the bracket reveal will certainly be part of this week’s roundtable, along with other notable storylines in the sport. Here are the contributors answering the five burning questions for this week:

Joey Loose – @jloose128
Bryan Mauro – @threecolorbeard
Jay Anderson – @heregojayagain

1. What was your biggest takeaway from the early bracket preview on Saturday?


There weren’t any real surprises on the bracket preview, though I do wonder if Michigan State will be a top 4 seed by the time the bracket is revealed. The competitive strength of the Big Ten is going to bring more bids to the league but cost them bigtime on the seed lines.


Gonzaga is the overall number 3, which I figured but didn’t know how the committee would view San Diego State. I was also surprised at where they had Butler. I think Butler is better than that, and whoever gets them in their region is going to wish they were seeded higher.


The biggest takeaway for me is we’re going to have a lot of different looks in the early previews with so much time left in the season. Seeing San Diego State as a top seed in the East spoke volumes to that sentiment. As the end of the season approaches, I think we could see some interesting combinations of the Top 16 seeds leading up to March.

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