Bracketology 2020: Buy or sell Providence, Cincinnati, VT, South Carolina, and NC State

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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – FEBRUARY 01: Nate Watson #0 of the Providence Friars (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Bracketology Bubble is full of questionable teams this year.  Which ones will make the dance and which ones will be relegated to the NIT?

In a little under four weeks, the NCAA tournament selection day will be here. In that short time frame, the conference tournaments will be here, the 32 automatic bids will be given out and every team will have a chance to improve their resume. While those teams that have a chance to improve their resume, many teams will have more chances to do damage to their Bracketology resumes.

In the first installment of the Buy or Sell bubble teams, five teams firmly on the bubble were highlighted based on their ability to play their way into or out of the tournament. The bubble is packed this year and there is ultimately going to be some team with a light resume that gets into the tournament. That happens every year, so it is not something new. Good wins are always better than bad losses, but bad losses are what sets teams apart on the bubble.

Many of the game’s biggest fans would agree that they would rather see a deserving mid-major get into the tournament as an at large than a power school from a loaded conference with a potentially hollow resume. The committee doesn’t feel that way most of the time. In this next review of bubble teams, many of these teams have very interesting resumes and it will be something to watch as to how the committee views them in regard to the tournament.

Each of these teams is going to have many opportunities in the regular season to improve their resume. Each team is trying to avoid those quad 4 losses that will destroy a bubble team’s resume quickly. Which of the following is most likely to slide into the field of 68?

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