NCAA Basketball: 10 great tournament games we missed out on in history

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NCAA Basketball

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 8: Led by committee chairman Mark Hollis (3rd from L), the NCAA Basketball Tournament Selection Committee (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

There are a select few games that we never forget seeing that fills a place in the lives of NCAA Basketball fans. An even more selective group of games that we remember never getting to see has left a void that fans never forget.

Today’s realities are currently putting sports and life into perspective. The games we love, have been replaced by the people we love. While even the most devout sports fans know, the value in sports is to temporarily take us from the realities of life. Sports allow society to forget the stress of everyday important things and enjoy time alone or with friends while bonding over a common interest. Sports allow us to debate and even argue over a topic which in the grand scheme of things means nothing and more joy is derived from disagreements than anything else.

The irony of the past couple weeks, and for the foreseeable future in these uncertain times, is that sports have been affected too and are not currently available to provide temporary relief from reality. While the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament traditionally captures the attention of a large portion of sports fans, it will not be taking place.

The loss of the tournament means more to the young adults who have had their dream of having their One Shining Moment than it means to the fans who have had their One Shining Moment numerous times in their driveways and in parks.

The lost memories of playing in the tournament may never be fulfilled, while fans simply have to wait until next March to pretend as if this year never happened. We will never come to realize what great games we have missed, but they can compare or even surpass the match-ups in the past that never came to light. In order to pay tribute to the history that will not be recorded on the basketball court, ten of the best games we never got to see in the NCAA tournament will be recorded here.

Now, these are not ‘The Best Ten Games We Never Saw”, they are not ranked in any particular order besides chronologically. This is by no means a definitive list for I am no authority on games that did not happen. These are games that the idea had caught the nation’s attention, for some this will be a trip down memory lane, for other a history lesson.

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