SoCon Basketball: Top 10 head coaches of the century (2000-20)

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SoCon Basketball

JACKSONVILLE, FL – MARCH 21: Fletcher Magee #3 of the Wofford Terriers (Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

Who are the most accomplished head coaches in SoCon Basketball this century?

In recent times, SoCon Basketball has quickly become one of the most exciting mid-major leagues in the entire country. While they haven’t risen to the pedigree of leagues like the A-10 or Mountain West, this is certainly a conference on the rise. The recent play of teams like East Tennessee State, Furman, and Wofford has been extraordinary for the league, which was an impressive history as well.

The rises of these programs are due mostly to an incredible crop of coaches who have passed through the conference. You won’t find legendary coaches on each sideline in the Southern Conference, but you will see legends for each of these programs. Recruiting talent to the conference is no easy task, let alone putting these players in a position for success. Thus, the accomplishments of these mid-major coaches become even more awe-inspiring.

We’ll be looking closely at the ten greatest head coaches of the Southern Conference since 2000. As the play has elevated in recent years, so too has the coaching in the conference. With two decades worth of coaching to examine, we’ll be ranking and selecting coaches based off wins and their ability to build a consistently winning program. Things like postseason success are clearly vital, with one such coach taking his team on a deep NCAA Tournament run in recent memory.

With plenty to think about, let’s begin ranking the coaches, closely examining what they have done as head coaches in the Southern since the turn of the century.

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