Duke Basketball: What a Blue Devils affiliated TBT team would look like

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Duke Basketball

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA – MARCH 07: The Duke Blue Devils mascot (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

The Basketball Tournament is one of the most fun and intriguing basketball tournaments of the year, but what if Duke Basketball had a team?

The Basketball Tournament comes around every July and is a tournament with intriguing rules and former College Basketball, NBA, and overseas players.

The winning team of The Basketball Tournament takes home one million dollars split between the players and other roles associated with the team. One of the most intriguing rules of the tournament is the “target score.”

When there are four minutes left in the fourth quarter, the clock is turned off and the target score is determined by adding eight points to the team in the lead’s score and the first team to get to that target score is the winner. For example, if the score was 70-68 with four minutes to go in the fourth, the target score would be 78, and the first team to reach that score is the winner.

This is a rule we saw the NBA implement and modify at the All-Star Game this past season, and it makes for a quite intriguing fourth quarter.

Every year there is Carmens Crew (made up of mostly former Ohio State players), Boeheim’s Army (made up of mostly former Syracuse players), Golden Eagles (made up of mostly former Marquette players) and now we have seen other schools such as Illinois, Clemson, Oklahoma State, Marshall, Purdue, and Dayton send teams as well.

In addition to this, there is the powerhouse team that is Overseas Elite, Chris Paul’s team, and many more. But with all these schools, some big-name, others not as much, having teams, the question is posed; what if the Duke Blue Devils sent a team?

Typically, current NBA players under contract do not play on TBT teams, but if they wish to be involved, serve under a management role for some teams. That being said, current NBA players who went to Duke Basketball will be left off this list as they likely wouldn’t be on the team.

However, there are more roles than just players, there is a GM, a coach, a booster, and an “other”. With this, what players would potentially play for the Blue Devils’ TBT team? Who would fill the other non-player roles, and also, what would the team’s name be?

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