UNC Basketball: Analyzing five-star freshman Caleb Love future impact

What does five-star freshman Caleb Love provide UNC Basketball for the upcoming season?

UNC Basketball is looking to bounce back after a rollercoaster season, to say the least. With the injuries and lineup changes throughout last year, the team was never able to get into a flow together and build team chemistry. Coach Williams will surely have this team up and ready for another basketball season soon. And with the loss of Cole Anthony heading into the NBA Draft, there must be a newcomer taking over the point guard position.

It’s been three years since the Tar Heels have been on top as National Champions. Since that time, they have been solid holding their ground in the ACC. But the results in the tournament have not been what was expected going into the year. For a school that’s priorities are all about winning, the next man that comes in is required to make the difference that the last man didn’t. And with hard work on the floor, the results should hopefully be to carry the trophy by the end of the year.

High School phenom Caleb Love just may be the next big thing for the Tar Heels. Love, alongside a few other freshmen in Anthony Harris, RJ Davis, etc. are looking to come in and make a difference in this freshly new roster. It will be a fresh new start for North Carolina to make noise in the ACC. With the new freshmen coming in to fill their role along with the returning players, it can possibly become a successful season in North Carolina.

Love is a player that the team would love to play alongside. The one thing that stands out about his play is that he is one of the best decision-makers when on the fast break. While many struggles with the ball in transition, Love is so smart he can feed the open guy when needed to or go hard for a ferocious dunk of his own. It’s no question that with his talent and IQ, he is going to put on a show for the ages at the Dean Smith Center.

Love averaged 26.3 points and 3.1 assists in his senior season. He has a tendency to take over games on his own and put the game in his own hands when his team needs a boost. That seems to be what the Tar Heels missed a season ago. Although Cole Anthony was a sensational scorer, it didn’t necessarily help the other guys off the floor feed off of his energy. Throughout his days in High School, Love has had the ability to make his teammates better on the floor and give them a spark. And hopefully, the impact will remain the same in North Carolina.

Expect Carolina to have a much improved season with Love leading the way at the point guard position. Coach Roy Williams will have no choice but to put his trust in him to control the pace of the game and provide spacing for his teammates. Love will be one of the emerging point guards in the NCAA to make noise and send a message to everyone who is coming their way. With the expectations at an all-time high, Tar Heel fans hope that Love can lead the team to a National Championship when it’s all said and done.