Atlantic 10 Basketball: Top 10 head coaches of the century (2000-20)

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Atlantic 10 Basketball

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Who are the most accomplished head coaches in the Atlantic 10 Basketball league this century?

Even as the league has seen several stages of conference realignment, Atlantic 10 Basketball likely remains the best non-power conference in the country. This conference regularly gets multiple teams into the NCAA Tournament and has produced some of the nation’s most exciting mid-major teams in recent years. Even while losing programs like Temple and Xavier, the conference has added VCU and a few other teams that have them set for years to come.

The success in the league is due in most part to a spectacular group of head coaches. Many of these men accomplished the best success of their career with these programs, though a few parlayed that success into some high-major jobs. With multiple NCAA Tournament teams on a regular basis, there is no shortage of great teams and exceptional coaches in the conference. Narrowing down the list was no easy task, with a few very successful coaches not included in the article as a result.

We’ll be looking at the ten greatest head coaches of the Atlantic 10 since 2000. The very best of the best stand out for their accomplishments, especially in the NCAA Tournament. For the ranking, we’ll also be considering conference titles, winning, and general program success, especially relative to when a coach took over the program. Among all the conferences in Division 1, the Atlantic 10 is certainly the closest thing to a power conference despite its labeling as a mid-major.

Let’s get right into ranking the Atlantic 10 coaches, looking closely at their accomplishments and impact since the turn of the century.

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