Big South Basketball: Top 10 head coaches of the century (2000-20)

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Big South Basketball

BUIES CREEK, NC – MARCH 06: Players of the North Carolina-Asheville Bulldogs pose for photos with their trophy following their 77-68 victory against the Winthrop Eagles during the championship game of the 2016 Big South Basketball Tournament (Photo by Lance King/Getty Images)

Who are the most accomplished head coaches in Big South Basketball this century?

Each conference in D1 basketball provides its fair share of excitement, even if some provide far more intrigue than others. Big South Basketball is one of those mid-majors full of schools that don’t exactly stand out in people’s minds, but this doesn’t devalue the basketball product on the court. Programs like Winthrop, Radford, and UNC Asheville have had their moments to shine, with some programs shining far brighter than others in recent years.

As these mid-majors programs continue to do their things, the positive efforts produced by these teams are the direct result of their coaching. Some fantastic head coaches have found their way through the Big South in recent years, even if it isn’t the most prestigious conference in the country. A few have used that success to land more impressive jobs, while others have made their mark on these Big South sidelines for years. Either way, it’s clear that bringing talented players to the Big South is no easy task, putting even more pressure on the coaching prowess at these programs.

We’re going to be taking a closer look at the ten greatest head coaches of the Big South since 2000. With everything we already have in mind, it’s clear that you won’t find deep postseason runs or meteoric win totals in the resumes of most of these coaches. We’ve picked ten names based on how they’ve fared during their time in the Big South, with particular attention paid to winning and how they’ve shaped the program.

Without further ado, let’s start ranking these Big South coaches, focusing on their accomplishments in the league since the turn of the century.

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