LSU Basketball: NCAA finds Will Wade responsible for impermissable benefits

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LSU Basketball

FAYETTEVILLE, AR – MARCH 4: Head Coach Will Wade of the LSU Tigers (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

LSU Basketball has been at the forefront of the FBI investigation into bribery into College Basketball. Will Wade is now facing some very serious potential sanctions.

College Basketball is still trying to figure out how to assess the penalties on the major schools in the wake of the FBI Bribery scandal into college basketball recruiting. Will Wade and LSU Basketball were at the forefront of the scandal and Wade was allegedly heard on tape arranging payments for recruits to come and play for his school.

Those payments and arrangements are no longer alleged, they are now deemed true. On Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 the NCAA announced that they were sure Coach Wade did arrange or offer the “impermissible benefits” to at least 11 recruits and their families. Those arrangements included but were not limited to cash payments made directly to the recruit. The other payments that did not go to the recruit directly went to the recruit’s family or their AAU coach or as the NCAA described it “others.”

The LSU program has been on the up and up lately and that is a direct result of the players that have been making their way through Baton Rouge to play basketball. For many fans that follow the sport, it isn’t a secret that Wade was cheating as LSU suspended him for the same incident and then he was reinstated last season. Even the LSU athletic department knew or at least had an inkling that what was implicated in the FBI documents was true.

Some individuals were still likely on the fence about Coach Wade and his cheating, that was until the HBO special the Scheme was released. If you watched that you would no longer have any doubt that the LSU head man was involved in some shady recruiting business.

Even the individual at the center of it all Christian Dawkins could not believe the audacity of Coach Wade to offer and do what he was doing with recruiting. This was a long time coming. What is next for the LSU program, and how will this affect them?

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