NCAA Basketball: Best rebounders from all 32 conferences for 2020-21 season

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NCAA Basketball

PHILADELPHIA, PA – NOVEMBER 10: Kevin Marfo #45 of the Quinnipiac Bobcats(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Rebounding can change a game quicker than anything in NCAA Basketball. Who are the top returning board grabbers for the 2020-21 season?

A coach once told me that Rebounding is 40% skill and 60% effort or want to. Rebounding is one of the things in basketball that can sway a game quickly. There are many players in NCAA Basketball who have displayed elite rebounding skills that so many coaches covet.

The science of rebounding is fascinating and so many players have already perfected that science enough to earn quality minutes on the floor. As always not all quality basketball players are elite scorers.

Rebounding on the defensive end, ends possessions and enables you team to go back on the offensive and potentially get out in transition for the easy buckets. Defensive rebounding is something every team does but some do it much better than others and those teams typically win more and have more possessions on offense.

One aspect of rebounding that is so hard to find is a player who will crash the offensive glass as hard as they crash the defensive glass. Offensive rebounding is an art and something that earns you goodwill with the coaches. Offensive rebounding extends possessions and almost always leads to easy baskets because you catch the defensive team out of position.

Previously, the best shooters from every conference in the country were highlighted. As to not slight anyone, this is going to be a preview of the best rebounders from each conference in the country.

As with any list there are a certain set of criteria that were used to determine who was eligible. Those criteria are simple. Did the player play in Division 1 last season and did the player play in 90% of his games. If the player met those criteria, then they were considered.

That means that some conferences are likely not going to have their potential best rebounder considered because that player may have been hurt last season and did not meet the requirements.

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