SWAC Basketball: In-depth look at Jackson State senior guard Tristan Jarrett

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SWAC Basketball

Dec 21, 2019; Memphis, Tennessee, USA; Memphis Tigers guard Damion Baugh (10) goes to the basket against Jackson State Tigers guard Tristan Jarrett Mandatory Credit: Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

SWAC has always been an underrated conference and it has its own stars and great players. That includes Tristan Jarrett from Jackson State.

SWAC basketball is underrated and has never really gotten the respect it deserves. Just to level-set yes, I know SWAC teams are often outmatched by the schools and they do not usually win much when it comes to the NCAA tournament. The conference is not about that, the basketball and the athletic departments compete for and represent something greater than the accomplishments on the court.

Every single school in the conference is a Historical Black College or an HBCU. These institutions were first established to provide black Americans a place to further their education when it was illegal for black youth to attend school due to discrimination. The schools which were established before the Civil War focused on basic education with an emphasis on teaching and the trades.

On the athletic side, these athletic departments are never operating with a profit, they are trying to make enough money to get through the season. The schools have to take a ton of buy games and are going to spend most of the non-conference on the road. That is why these schools will usually have extremely lopsided records heading into conference play and that usually shows up when the NCAA tournament comes around.

The SWAC looks to be extremely competitive within the league again and is now starting to get some top talent both via transfer and through recruiting. Much like the MEAC, the tides may soon change and the SWAC is going to start getting much more talent.

One of the top-tier teams every year is the Jackson State Tigers. The Tigers are looking to get over the hump this year and finish at the top of the standings and hopefully get back to the tournament for the first time since the 2006-2007 season.

The Tigers are going to have one of the best players in the league this year in senior guard Tristan Jarrett. Jarrett is going to be tasked with helping head coach Wayne Brent guide the offense and try to get the Tigers over the hump in the SWAC.

Always approach the SWAC with caution when it comes to wins and losses, there are some teams in this league who can play and many players who could see significant minutes on a power roster.

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