Bracketology 2021: Arizona State and Cincinnati highlight biggest losers

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Bracketology (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

It’s that time of year again when resumes are starting to get analyzed.  Who are the teams who took devastating Bracketology resume hits this week?

It is that time of year again when college basketball fans are going to start spending way to much time looking at preliminary brackets and over-analyzing every win and loss and determine if those wins are good or bad as it relates to their Bracketology standing within the NCAA tournament.  I have been guilty of this action many times over the years and every fan of a team who has NCAA tournament aspirations is guilty of it as well.

It is just the beginning of the season so many teams are still going to have tremendous opportunities to improve their resume. Other teams are going to going to miss those opportunities and hurt their resume. Just as a disclaimer there is no magic number of wins the committee looks for to ensure a bid.

They look at who the team has a beat, when they beat them, where they beat them. The committee also looks at who you have lost to and when and where you lost to that team. Road wins and losses are weighed higher than home wins and losses.

Even if the season is still young it is still justified to do Bracketology “losers”. These five teams are all teams who missed an opportunity to improve their resume. Again, it’s hard to determine how much these losses will affect the teams in question since they have so many games left to play. These teams are all teams that many have expected to make the tournament and have been listed in preliminary brackets.

Who are this week’s Bracketology losers?

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