Big 12 Basketball: Baylor, Texas remain on top in 2020-21 power rankings

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Big 12 Basketball

Big 12 Basketball Oklahoma State Cowboys Keylan Boone Texas Tech Red Raiders Kevin McCullar Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Big 12 Basketball continues to be the most competitive conference and is trending towards a plethora of Tournament-caliber teams, heading into 2021.

Year in and year out, Big 12 Basketball has produced some of the best regular-season teams over the past five seasons. The postseason, however, has not done the conference kindly. The Big 12 has been headlined by an NIT Championship from Texas and a National Championship appearance from Texas Tech.

Even with those looking to improve, the Big 12 has been a gauntlet during the regular season. The round-robin schedule has each team play against one another at home and on the road. The conference has half of the conference in the Top 25 and three teams ranked inside the Top 6.

There are two-three other teams that will be straddling the bubble and have impressive wins to the resume. According to RPI, the Big 12 ranks No. 1 in the country with the AAC being behind it by .012 points. This isn’t new as the conference was ranked 2nd to end last season and ranked 1st the year prior.

One lesson learned from this bizarre season strangled by COVID is road games. In an odd sequence, the road team in Big 12 games have been significantly more successful. Just this week alone, the road team is 6-4 and were 4-1 on Saturday. The home-court advantage has taken it’s toll this season and has been insignificant.

Kansas continues to stay afloat and win in different ways. Baylor has some offensive struggles and Texas hangs on with a game-winner. Oklahoma State’s star player takes three shots and they still win.

Although it sounds chaotic, just another week in the Big 12 Conference. Here are the Big 12 Power Rankings for the week and a look at their matchups next week.

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