Kentucky Basketball: Are Wildcats falling behind on and off the court?

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Kentucky Basketball (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Coming off of a final four that consisted of three historical blue bloods and new-aged blue blood in Villanova, there is another of the sport’s iconic programs that were left with another season of what-ifs and what happened.

Kentucky has one of the most rabid fanbases in the country and coupled with such a storied history, year-in, and year-out, right or wrong the expectations on the team in Lexington are extremely high.

When it comes to Kentucky basketball everyone involved expects the best as every program should, but with the Wildcats those expectations can go to another level. To the point where some of the fanbase can take an article not written about Kentucky as a slight of some sort because it doesn’t mention the Wildcats or doesn’t mention them high enough in someone’s rankings. There are times when Big Blue Nation is akin to the old Bill Belichick Patriots teams that would seemingly invent ways to motivate themselves even if it was not needed.

However, over the past few years or so, despite having what many programs would consider successful seasons, to Kentucky and their fans the results have been less than ideal. Those results or lack thereof have led some to question what is happening to the mystique that used to be Kentucky basketball.

Has the mystique started to fade according to those extremely high standards? Let’s take a look at Kentucky over the past few seasons and see if indeed there is a true cause for concern.

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