NCAA Basketball: Current ranking of top 100 transfers in 2022 offseason

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NCAA Basketball Niagara Purple Eagles guard Marcus Hammond Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

30. Marcus Hammond – Senior

It didn’t take long for the Power five schools to reach out to the Senior guard from Niagara. Hammond has been one of the best players in MAAC for a long time but like most teams in the MAAC, they are rarely on TV and are not normally a factor in the conference. He is another player who is severely underrated.

Hammond, like so many other elite scorers, shoots at a high percentage from deep and gets to the foul line a ton. He is a career 39% shooter from deep, and 82% from the line. He is an elite scorer and that will continue at his next school.

29. Emmanuel Akot – Senior

Does anyone want a 6’8” skilled offensive player who also happened to play point guard for the last two seasons?  Akot and his former Boise State teammates won the Mountain West and were a team that could score in the low 70’s or the high 50’s and could win games. Akot was a huge part of that, he can defend all five positions but is very good at defending the perimeter.

It is so hard to get into good offense with a 6’8” mobile guard defending the point position. His defensive flexibility and his ability to shoot the ball at a high percentage from deep are going to help a team. He likely won’t score double digits wherever he goes but he fills a stat sheet with rebounds, assists, and points and makes a tremendous impact on the defensive end of the floor.

28. Jao Ituka – Freshman

With a quick show of hands how many of you knew who Ituka was or had ever heard of him? Ituka is one of the best freshmen in the country and he was rewarded with that as the MAAC Freshman of the Year after this season at Marist. Ituka enters the transfer portal as one of the most efficient guards in the country. He shot over 50% from the field, 41% from three, and 77% from the line. All of these numbers were accomplished in a shade over 20 minutes per game.

The guard doesn’t shoot many threes, but he does put the ball on the floor and get to the rim. He gets fouled a lot he averaged over 5 free throws per game last year. The guard is going to go somewhere where he becomes a household name, so anywhere outside of a low major. He can and will play power five somewhere.

27. Xavier Pinson – Senior

Pinson will now be on his third school and becomes yet another LSU player in the portal. The Tigers played slow and pride themselves on defense and Pinson was a perfect fit for that. The point guard has played a lot of basketball and has been steady as the point guard for both Missouri and LSU. He is good enough to make clutch buckets, he is automatic from the free throw line and is a good passer.

Pinson’s issues lie with ball security. He does turn the ball over a little too much for my liking, but the guard seems to make it work and still runs an effective offense. Pinson will play power five and will likely start at point guard for that team.

26. Bryce Hopkins – Freshman

The five-star freshman is leaving Kentucky after just one season and it’s because of his lack of playing time. He was blocked from playing significant minutes this year by some upperclassmen. It’s a shame he transferred from Kentucky because Hopkins is a talented kid who is going to have a huge season. Hopkins only averaged six minutes per night, and he did put up efficient numbers when he was in the game.

The country got a good look at the ability of Hopkins in a game against LSU when he scored 13 points in 15 minutes of game action. In that game, he was all over the floor and driving to the lane and drawing the foul. He took six foul shots during his time in the game which is a ton for that little amount of playing time. Hopkins already has a ton of suitors in the transfer portal and mostly all of them are power schools.

25. Qudus Wahab – Junior

Wahab really put himself on the map during the surprise Georgetown run to the NCAA tournament in the 2020-2021 season. After that season he left the Hoyas and took his talents to Maryland where he endured a coaching change in the middle of the season and could never seem to get his footing and ended up with a year that was not what anyone who follows the Terrapins expected.

With the departure of the coach, he committed to the big man from Nigeria who has decided to enter the transfer portal. Wahab is efficient on the offensive end and when he is right will shoot about 60% from the floor, gets fouled a ton, and rebounds the ball well. The 6’11” 240-pound center can be a difference-maker when he is engaged.

24. Devin Carter – Freshman

I have mentioned this before, but Frank Martin got a raw deal at South Carolina, they did make a final four in his tenure there and the team he was going to have to return had a lot of talent and they were ready to make a run. Carter was a promising freshman and was one of the best freshmen in the entire SEC a season ago. He was ready for a huge sophomore year and that will probably still happen, but it will be at a different school.

The guard averaged 9 points per game on 42% shooting from the field and he was just scratching the surface of how good he can be and honestly how good he will be. There are many suitors for Carter, and he is not going to disappoint.

23. Grant Basile – Senior

Wright State has been one of the best programs in the Horizon League for quite some time. They always reload instead of rebuilding. Basile was a player who played behind an all-league player in Loudon Love his first two seasons on campus, then when Love transferred Basile was able to get a good share of the minutes and put himself on the all-conference lists quickly. The big man is an elite scorer in the paint, he is extremely efficient shooting over 50% for his career from the floor and over 30% from three.

The one thing he does extremely well is get fouled and shoot over 70% from the line. Wright State played up-tempo and the big man likes to play at that pace, he doesn’t lose any efficiency playing fast. Basile is a great offensive rebounder as he averaged 2 per game over his career. He has set up 4 official visits already and Iowa State may be the favorite here.

22. Ithiel Horton – Junior

Horton is an interesting player as he only played 13 games for Pittsburgh this year. He was suspended for a while this year for a violation of team rules. When the guard came back, he was back to his old self making a ton of threes and helping the Pitt offense. A Horton transfer was inevitable given how the season ended up playing out for him.

The guard is a career 40% three-point shooter and doesn’t need much space to get his shot up and it goes in a lot. He was never the guy at Pitt, but he was at Delaware before he came to Pitt. He can play power five again because of his ability to shoot. It feels if he goes to a power five school it will be as a role player, but if he drops down a level to a mid-major, he would be the Alpha on offense.

21. Nick Honor – Junior

Honor is a player who could outplay this ranking, or he could underperform and not even be one of the top 100 transfers in the country. The point guard played at Clemson for two years where he showed that he can run a ball-control half-court offense and that he doesn’t have to score to be effective. He didn’t take all that many shots, and most of the shots he did take were from deep where he makes 34% of them over his career.

Honor started his college career at Fordham where he was still the point guard in a slow tempo offense but took a lot of shots and was one of the top players in the Atlantic 10. Honor will set himself apart from the rest of the point guards in the portal because he never turns the ball over.

His turnover numbers have decreased every year he has been in college and this season he averaged less than one turnover per game. The point guard is not equipped to play in an uptempo style, he is great in a slow deliberate style on the offensive end if he can find that in the portal he will thrive.

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