NCAA Basketball: Top 10 seasons for Jay Wright at Villanova

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Jay Wright Villanova Basketball (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

To start off, Jay Wright is one of the most accomplished NCAA Basketball head coaches of the 21st century. In the span of three years (2015-18) he brought two titles back home to Philadelphia, officially putting Villanova (‘Nova) back on the map. This was done without the glamorous one-and-done additions, thus built on solid multi-year collegiate players.

His shocking retirement marked the end of his glamorous run as the Villanova Wildcats’ head coach.

Coach Wright before his first championship, reached 30+ wins and had gone past the Elite 8 only twice. Mired with constant disappointment of not getting over the hump clearly was starting to creep into the minds of the ‘Nova brass. It wasn’t like ‘Nova was getting close to the overall goal of a championship. They were a middle-of-the-pack Big East team for the first 12 years of Wright’s tenure.

The culmination from being an average program to stepping foot on the doorsteps of possible blue blood consideration can be explained in a thousand ways. To see the grind, battling against other schools in a new college basketball world to add and even retain players. Where recruitment on the grassroots level, high school level, and on the collegiate level itself has become a battle itself. Wright overcame it all by churning out two title-winning teams and multiple great teams that will go down in college basketball, Big East, and ‘Nova history.

Here are the rankings of the best 10 teams ever coached by Jay Wright.

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