TCU Basketball: Horned Frogs land top-100 wing Jace Posey

Jace Posey is the son of a former NBA player. Now he has the chance to create his own legacy, heading to TCU Basketball next year.

Since they brought back nearly everyone from last season’s roster, TCU Basketball didn’t have to focus much on the incoming freshman class, with three-star guard P.J. Haggerty the only member. But there’s more turnover expected after this upcoming season, with a larger group expected.

The Horned Frogs already had an earlier class of 2023 commit in Isaiah Manning, a 6’7 power forward and top-200 prospect. Emanuel Miller is entering his junior campaign and is a longshot pro candidate. And since there’s currently little depth at that position for the program, he’s a solid future addition.

And TCU now has another future newcomer to the roster, this time one with with an NBA connection in Jace Posey.

Posey, who is ranked in the top-100 of the 2023 recruiting class, is the son of former NBA veteran, James Posey. He played over a decade at the top pro league for several teams and while he was never a superstar, James was the ideal “3 and D” small forward role player. He can shoot from deep and was a quality defender as well.

Jace has the potential to play that kind of role as well. He’s a 6’4 shooting guard/small forward with solid size and great athlectism. He may end up being an even better pure athlete than his father. Posey already has shown that he can he a strong scorer and has an improving three-point shot. He’s the kind of tough and energetic player that fits very well with head coach Jamie Dixon  and the Horned Frogs program.

Posey hailed from the Houston area and TCU was able to beat out George Mason for his services. And unless Micah Peavy has a breakout campaign this upcoming season, there’s a real chance this prospect gets a sizeable role as a freshman in 2023-24 to replace Charles O’Bannon on the wing. He’s a solid pickup and a good fit for the Horned Frogs program.