Bracketology 2023: 5 games to help sort out Big Ten Basketball this week

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Bracketology Big Ten Basketball Michigan State Spartans Dale Young-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the weekly Bracketology watchlist. Each week I will take a look at five games or teams that should be on everyone’s radar for the upcoming week. Sometimes these games will be some of the most high-profile ones but sometimes they will be some games that have a big impact on a team’s season as they look toward March.

When the bracket is revealed and we wonder why one team made the field and another didn’t, or why a team is seeded higher or lower than some expected, that seemingly innocuous November result can be just as meaningful as an early-round exit in a conference tournament.

Over the last few seasons college basketball has put more of an emphasis on having some marquee matchups early in the year to try and generate more interest in the midst of college football season.  It has worked two-fold for the sport, it has gotten the sport more early exposure without having to wait until January for more eyes to turn towards them. It also has begun to debunk the myth that the regular season in college basketball is meaningless.

Whether a game is in November or during championship week, they are all important, and in the end, have some ramifications for someone even it comes to postseason play. That is why the weekly watchlist will come to you from opening night until the week leading up to selection Sunday. This week we will take a look at five games that will help sort out the muddled mess that has become Big Ten Basketball. So, enough rambling let’s get on with the games and look at the watchlist and this week’s bevy of bracketology games.

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