NCAA Basketball: 8 possible grad transfer candidates to watch for 2023

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NCAA Basketball

NCAA Basketball RayJ Dennis Toledo Rockets (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)

This is a very interesting time in NCAA Basketball, as there are many different layers going on. The first is the transfer portal, which has been the major storyline of the entire offseason. Over 1,000 players have already picked new homes and have changed almost every roster for the upcoming season.

The other is the NBA Draft, with hundreds of players in the process. Some have already made their decisions as to whether to stay or go but with the deadline coming in the next week or so (May 31st), expect a lot of moves to be made. And then there’s the second-to-last year with the covid-era scholarships, with some players still having a 5th year of eligibility.

All of that combines into a unique scenario for the next week. Although the deadline has passed for the portal, that doesn’t include grad transfers. And there are plenty that have graduated but are still in the NBA Draft process. There are a few that have recently entered the portal such as Rayj Dennis and Zyon Pullin but there’s plenty more that can do the same thing in the coming week.

Here’s a list of eight names that could be candidates to leave the NBA Draft and enter the transfer portal in the next couple of weeks for various reasons. A bunch could very well either stay going pro or return to their respective teams but like many things in NCAA Basketball, surprises could come.

*List is in alphabetical order by last names.

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