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3 keys for Seton Hall Basketball to upset Missouri Tigers

Monmouth v Seton Hall
Monmouth v Seton Hall / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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3. It is Isaiah Coleman time for Seton Hall

For Seton Hall, something clearly is not working in South Orange. That means it is time for a change for Coach Shaheen Holloway and this team, so the young guys are going to have to step up and take advantage of some opportunities.

Coleman has been a huge spark plug off the bench for this team, with the second unit leading the way against Monmouth, and Coleman leading the charge with 17 points in the effort.

He makes a huge impact defensively, has great athleticism, and has earned his playing time for this team. While yes, it is great to get his effort off the bench, moving Dylan Addae-Wusu to the second unit brings a veteran presence that the bench lacks, and Coleman brings a young spark to the starting lineup that they so desperately need.

Coleman will still see minutes against Missouri that rival that of the starters, what more do you need to see from him to finally decide to put him in the starting 5? Players are also much more willing to transfer after their freshman year now if they are not receiving enough playing time, and losing Coleman because of that would be a crushing loss for Seton Hall.

Given their situation and the way Coleman has shined for this team, it is time to give him the opportunity he has earned all season long. Isaiah Coleman will need to start in this game for Seton Hall to have a better chance to win.