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3 keys for Seton Hall Basketball to upset Missouri Tigers

Monmouth v Seton Hall
Monmouth v Seton Hall / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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2. Shooting efficiency needs to improve now

At the end of the day, Seton Hall is not built off the three-point shot. This is a rugged, gritty, defensive unit that beats you with physicality and by winning in transition. But in the modern game of basketball, the three needs to fly, and it needs to fall. And if it is not falling, then it just cannot be shot as often as it is.

The Seton Hall Pirates had planned on Al-Amir Dawes holding down most of the perimeter shooting, with the rest of the lineup filling in where they could. Jaquan Sanders has also emerged as a potential option after his performance against Monmouth.

But now, Dawes has not looked like himself at all this season, and Sanders just got going with a 2-5 night against the Hawks. But when your start is not showing up, and Sanders is a maybe at this point due to his youth and lack of playing time, threes are just not what this offense is built around.

The Pirates shot 4-16 from the three-point line against Monmouth, which is not going to result in winning most of the time, especially in the Big East. Either the shooters on this team need to lock in, or the Pirates need to go all in on playing in the paint, drawing contact, and getting tough buckets. But the free throws need to start going down after a team performance of 68.8 from the stripe in their last game.

The easiest fix though is this team's shooters gain their confidence back and knock down open looks, but we will see if that happens.