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3 keys for Seton Hall Basketball to upset Missouri Tigers

Monmouth v Seton Hall
Monmouth v Seton Hall / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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1. Win the physicality battle

Seton Hall, despite their losing and their struggles, is a very tough and physical basketball team, especially on the glass. They average 12.8 offensive rebounds per game, and average five more total rebounds per game than Missouri with 38.3. If this team is going to find a way to win, it will have to be with a huge advantage in the rebounding area. While this will be tough with the 7'5 Vanover patrolling the paint from time to time, this team has the athleticism and the muscle to outmatch Missouri here.

They should be in a better spot in this department, with big man Elijah Hutchins-Everett continuing to return to health in this lineup, and Jaden Bediako starting to come into his own with 7.9 rebounds per game. Dre Davis also gives you a good amount of size from the wing with 5.6 rebounds per game, and Kadary Richmond is one of the more physical guards in the nation as a 6.2 rebound-per-game guy. To put it simply, this team has rebounders all over the place.

The big thing though, is when your team is in desperation mode, you have to be desperate on the boards and fight for each and every opportunity once a shot goes up. Coach Holloway will have to keep his guys motivated, they can pick up this win and enter conference play with a 7-4 record, and despite their struggles, that is not bad by any stretch of the imagination.

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6-5 though, that almost feels unacceptable given the recent success this program has had and the hype that was built around Coach Holloway when he was hired after the miraculous Saint Peter's run. This is the chance for Seton Hall to pick up a strong win in nonconference play, and solidify themselves as a competitive team in the Big East Conference. But will they figure it out enough to beat a team like Missouri? That is yet to be seen.