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3 takeaways from Seton Hall's Big East victory over Butler

Seton Hall v Georgetown
Seton Hall v Georgetown / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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2. This team is built for Big East play

In the Big East, blowouts are rare, you see close games every single night and this was one of those moments. To go out on the road and take down a Butler team that just picked up a huge roadkill of their own, that all the sign Seton Hall fans needed to tell this team is ready for this conference. Coach Holloway has this team locked into a different level than Pirate fans could have imagined before the season. The Pirates now have wins over UConn, Marquette, Providence, Georgetown, and now Butler. Three of those wins were ranked victories, and all were games it seemed the Pirates had no issue picking up wins in.

While this was not an easy win by any stretch of the imagination, and there were moments when it seemed the Pirates were going to lose control while they were in the driver's seat, they kept their composure and found a way to come out with the victory. That is what has stood out during these games, that calmness that this team has had in moments where they need to make a play to win the game, a lot of that has been Richmond, but players like Dre Davis and Al-Amir Dawes have had their clutch moments as well.

The credit has to go to Holloway and his ability to have a team go week by week and game by game, that is what he displayed during the great Saint Peters run. Now that magic is starting to come to fruition here during his time at Seton Hall, and it is so encouraging for these Pirates.