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3 takeaways from Seton Hall's big upset over top-5 UConn Huskies

Connecticut v Seton Hall
Connecticut v Seton Hall / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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3. A huge win for Shaheen Holloway

While the non-conference struggles were going on, it was a question as to how good of a coach Shaheen Holloway was for this team. But now, all those questions go out the window for the time being. It takes a great coach to beat UConn and Dan Hurley, and Holloway is starting to become that for the Pirates.

It has turned out that holding Dylan Addae-Wusu in the starting lineup has proved well, and Coleman thrives in his bench role. While this may change in the future and he will see more minutes as a freshman, the current lineup is clearly working for Seton Hall.

While the Pirates did not have to deal with Donovan Clingan for most of the second half after he left with an injury, this UConn team still has won some great games while not having him for most of it. Holloway kept this team locked in after they were leading after that injury, and this team never got complacent. He still has to make sure this team continues to succeed in conference play and get this squad to a point where they are consistent in Big East play.

But for now, the Pirates should celebrate this win, but they have to find a way to beat Xavier and keep this stretch going. The Big East always provides upsets, we saw it just the previous night with Providence losing to Marquette, but this team cannot take their foot off the gas. One would imagine Holloway is going to make sure this team knows that it is a long season, but this team still has to prove this was not just a one-off upset.