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3 takeaways from Seton Hall's big upset over top-5 UConn Huskies

Connecticut v Seton Hall
Connecticut v Seton Hall / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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2. Seton Hall is finding their identity and sticking to it

Teams need to find their strengths as well as their weaknesses, and it is starting to seem like the Pirates are getting to that point. Earlier in this year Seton Hall had been shooting threes at a decent volume, and that led to them throwing away possessions when they just did not need to. Seton Hall is not a strong shooting team, and they played to that weakness in this matchup.

When a team only shoots () threes, you usually do not think that team is going to win the game, but those numbers are perfect for a team like Seton Hall. They focused on physical basketball, keeping the game slow, and driving hard to the basket before thinking about a three. Seton Hall just outmuscled the Huskies in this one, and that is their brand, and that is what will win them games in the Big East.

UConn shot () threes in this one, and a lot of that volume was late when the Huskies were trying to force their way back into the game. But the difference in threes compared to the difference in score is unique in today's game, but Seton Hall has made it work.

These past few games have proved that physicality rules in this conference over shooting a lot of threes like modern basketball would tell you to do. Seton Hall is playing their brand, and winning with it, not losing because of it. That matters when it comes to Shaheen Holloway and his coaching job with this team because it is not easy to win with this playstyle, but the Pirates just beat the No.5 team in the nation with it.