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3 takeaways from UConn Basketball's big win over Gonzaga

Continental Tire Seattle Tip-Off - Connecticut v Gonzaga
Continental Tire Seattle Tip-Off - Connecticut v Gonzaga / Conor Courtney/GettyImages
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3. Donovan Clingan was outstanding

The big man, Donovan Clingan has been waiting for a big-time signature game this season, and this was exactly that for him. He led the team in scoring with 21 points off 8-11 shooting from the field, along with eight rebounds and two blocks.

Clingan has been working his way into more minutes all season long after his preseason foot injury, but now it seems he is ready to play a lot more. He did all of that in 26 minutes of work, and his minutes only continue to go up. For the UConn Huskies, having him on the floor as much as possible means they have this dominant force that only a handful of teams in the nation can slow down, and Gonzaga was unable to do so in this one.

Clingan showed his great post work again and got his work in with his size to get to the basket with ease. Watching him duel against some of the great big men in this conference is going to be a treat to watch, especially if he continues to play like this. As UConn continues their push for another championship, having that strong big man is what most championship teams have, including last year's team with Adama Sanogo.

This team is also getting healthy with Stephon Castle continuing to get back into a good role, so along with Clingan, this team is returning to full strength before Big East play. But this this was a huge night for Clingan and his season as a whole, and we will probably see him lead the team in scoring a number of times the rest of the way.