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3 takeaways from UConn Basketball's big win over Gonzaga

Continental Tire Seattle Tip-Off - Connecticut v Gonzaga
Continental Tire Seattle Tip-Off - Connecticut v Gonzaga / Conor Courtney/GettyImages
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2. A big-time win in a "road matchup"

So while this game was played in Washington, it was played at Climate Pledge Arena, which is not the home site for Gonzaga. However, this was very much a Gonzaga crowd given the location, and you can hear your usual fans barking the entire game for this team.

While Huskies fans did show up well as they usually do, this was still basically a road game despite the technical label as a neutral site. UConn did exactly what they had to do though, and took the crowd out of the game early with their quick start in this game.

UConn came out swinging from the jump, and it was clear that this was going to be a long night for Gonzaga. This was one of those games where you would not have many of those moments where they all get loud after a tough bucket with a chance to get back in it. The Huskies just controlled the pace, the energy, and the entire game for the most part.

But when you look at this win you still have to somewhat consider it a road game given the location, so this looks pretty good in terms of their resume. While Climate Pledge Arena is not Gonzaga's version of MSG, it was still an impressive win for UConn at the end of the day. This is also a tough trip, going all the way out west and having to perform the way they did. A ton of credit goes to Dan Hurley for keeping his team locked in and ready to go in Seattle.