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3 takeaways from UConn's dominant Big East win over Creighton

Arkansas Pine Bluff v Connecticut
Arkansas Pine Bluff v Connecticut / G Fiume/GettyImages
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3. Donovan Clingan's return was huge

Even though this team did nothing but win during the absence of their star big man, it was still great for the Huskies to bring him back on the court for a game like this. When you are going against a great big like Ryan Kalkbrenner, you need your full squad available, especially the player that could match up the best against him. Clingan did not play a ton, but he was impactful in the moments he got.

The star big man put up six points and picked up five rebounds with two blocks in just 16 minutes of basketball. Meanwhile, Kalkbrenner only took five shots all night in a great defensive performance by the Huskies. Having the size of Clingan makes it difficult for a Kalkbrenner to get going in this matchup, and he was unable to do so in this game.

The Huskies will look to be excited but cautious with the return of Clingan. Yes, you want him on the floor as much as possible, but they have to ease him back into the lineup as he works through this injury. Expect him to play 20 or fewer minutes for the next few games, and his usage to slowly increase as the next few weeks go along. This is what they did at the beginning of the year when he was injured in the preseason, but now they may just be extra careful this time around.