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4 takeaways from the unofficial A-10/MAC Challenge in Cleveland

Legends of Basketball Showcase - Ohio v Davidson
Legends of Basketball Showcase - Ohio v Davidson / Ron Schwane/GettyImages
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2. Davidson's depth is their greatest strength, and maybe also their greatest weakness

The Wildcats boast nine players who would all play minutes for just about every mid-major team and without their leading scorer (Skogman) and with Angelo Brizzi limited by foul trouble, Davidson absolutely would not have won without the bench contributions from Bobby Dirkin (13 pts, 5 rebs, 4 stls), Sean Logan (rim protection; a few sweet blocks) and Achile Spadone (go ahead 3 late).

But Davidson suffers from an affliction that often plagues mid-tier teams, they have a lot of quality players who are overstretched in their roles. Save for Skogman and their senior steadyhand in the backcourt, Grant Huffman, it's unclear on a night-to-night basis who the Wildcats' best five players are. This game was indicative of the fact that they tend to struggle to find a full lineup of players who are producing at starter quality at the same time. Kochera and Durkin were fantastic to start the game but tailed off in the second half. Bailey did the opposite. Brizzi was terrific but couldn't stay on the court. Spadone unquestionably earned his spot in the closing lineup, but he's typically just a bit player.

Davidson can succeed in A-10 play without a surefire All-Conference player (although Skogman and Huffman will both be in the discussion) thanks to their quality across the board but if they hope to finish in the top half, one or two of the group of Brizzi, Bailey, Kochera and Durkin will need to play some more consistently great basketball.