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4 teams who would benefit the most every season in a 96-team tournament

Expansion seems to be the rumor circling right now as the thoughts of a 96-team tournament are suddenly coming up.

ESPN's 'College GameDay' set pieces during its broadcast ahead of No. 4 Tennessee's basketball game.
ESPN's 'College GameDay' set pieces during its broadcast ahead of No. 4 Tennessee's basketball game. / Calvin Mattheis/News Sentinel / USA

The rumor mill is running at talks of a 96-team March Madness Tournament are swirling leaving fans wondering what is going to happen. College Gameday analysts this weekend discussed the matter and it was clear, that it is not a favored one.

Jay Balis did not hold back on his thoughts of a 96-team tournament.

So let's humor a 96-team tournament and think about something here. There are teams every year that play okay, but never quite good enough to make it into March Madness. You can't call these teams horrible, but you can't call them great either, they are just average.

Teams that have only won six or seven conference games would suddenly find themselves competing for a National Championship. Think about this season, teams like LSU, Miami, and Washington would have the ability to play in the tournament.

So which teams would benefit the most every year if March Madness expanded to 96 teams? Which teams would have to do just barely enough to make it into the big dance?

Maryland Terrapins

Maryland is a team that either is playing well and has their spot in March Madness before the conference tournament or is going into the conference tournament with just seven or eight wins just hoping for a conference title to make it in.

Currently, the Terrapins are 15-13 and 7-10 in the Big 10 and they would have a real chance to make it in if there was a 96-team tournament this season. With the Big 10 not having a ton of great teams, the Terrapins would constantly be in the mix, even with a sub-par record.

Kansas State Wildcats

Now yes, Kansas State still has a fairly new coach in Jerome Tang, and he still has more to prove because we have seen the Wildcats struggle this season, but they are always in the mix. With how tough the Big 12 is in basketball, Kansas State is a team that can typically win around seven to eight games which normally would not be good enough to get a bid.

Going forward, seven to eight wins, especially in a conference like the Big 12, would get a bid. Kansas State could play average like they have this season, or even play sloppy and still find themselves in the mix for a National Championship.

Georgetown Hoyas

Georgetown is a team that finds their way into the tournament frequently, but only when they are at the top of their conference. Georgetown seems to play well in their tournament or at least a little more than above average, but because they are a part of the Big East, which is a basketball conference.

With an expanded playoff Georgetown and other teams from the Big East Conference would have a better chance of making it into March Madness.

Creighton Bluejays

Creighton like Georgetown is a part of the Big East and would probably be in the tournament every season if March Madness expands. Creighton is always a team right now that seems to be a No. 8 or No. 9 seed, or does not make it in at all.

If there was a 96-team tournament, Creighton would have a great chance each year with the level of teams they play against and they find ways to win.

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