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5 most unconventional ways to pick your March Madness bracket

It's almost time to pick March Madness brackets so let's look at some of the most unconventional ways to pick your bracket.

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#4: Picking the prettiest jersey color

This is one for people who really know nothing about college basketball. So there are going to be 68 teams in the NCAA Tournament, which means there will be lots of colors. Some favorites are UNC's baby blue and white, or in the past how FGCU's blue and green jumped out on the court.

This is a good way to maybe predict some upsets that no one else would have guessed. The best way to do this is to look up the two teams, don't even look at their record or anything about them, and just search their school colors or pictures of their uniforms.

Once you feel like you get a good feel of the colors, it is your choice from there on out. The only thing you may have trouble with is if two teams have similar colors, but we never said this was easy, just unconventional.