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5 most unconventional ways to pick your March Madness bracket

It's almost time to pick March Madness brackets so let's look at some of the most unconventional ways to pick your bracket.
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#3: Picking every high seed, no upsets

This is a popular choice as you may luck into picking who wins the National Championship, but when you get to the Final Four you might hit a bit of a roadblock with four one-seeds.

This is a good tactic for probably most games, but there are normally a good amount of upsets throughout March Madness, so this won't help you win any money in those types of bracket challenges.

However, if you choose to go this route and get stuck once you hit the Final Four, you could bring some other ways of picking brackets into play here. Because there will be no higher seed since they will all be one-seeds, you could then flip a coin, or pick the better jersey colors.

This is a good way to pick the possible National Champion but not as great when it comes to upsets.