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5 most unconventional ways to pick your March Madness bracket

It's almost time to pick March Madness brackets so let's look at some of the most unconventional ways to pick your bracket.
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#1: Which mascot would win in a fight?

This is probably my favorite unconventional way to pick a March Madness bracket. So I will explain here, what you do is look at the two mascots of the teams going against each other and you get to be the judge of who would win in a fight.

So say the Mississippi State Bulldogs go up against the Creighton Bluejays. Who is gonna win there? you get to decide. This is just a fun way to decide who will win games.

Of course, you could run into some issues if the the teams have the same mascot. In the past, there has been a matchup of Kentucky versus Kansas State where both teams are the Wildcats. My advoce there is to look at the two mascot logos and see which one you think looks meaner or tougher and go with that team.

Hopefully, some of these ways can help you pick your bracket! Happy March Madness everyone and good luck picking!

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