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Arkansas Basketball: Analyzing transfer targets DJ Wagner, Wooga Poplar, Kasean Pryor and Dillon Mitchell

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In the last few years for Arkansas Basketball, they've been one of the top programs in the sport, making consecutive Elite 8 appearances in the NCAA Tournament. But after a rough past season, changes occurred surprisingly. 

Head coach Eric Musselman took the job at USC, making the Razorbacks a premium open job. After reportedly missing on a few candidates, they ultimately landed on John Calipari, who won a national title at a fellow SEC program, Kentucky. 

As a result, the entire team from last season either went pro or hit the transfer portal, giving Coach Cal 13 new spots. A few were filled by several top-30 prospects from the previous No. 2 recruiting class with the Wildcats, with Billy Richmond, Boogie Fland, and Karter Knox switching over to join Arkansas.

Those who have also reunited with the HC are Adou Thiero and Zvonimir Ivisic, who were role players at Kentucky last season. And as usual, the Razorbacks were able to land a couple of huge names from the portal in Johnell Davis and Jonas Aidoo, easily two of the top transfer targets this offseason.

It’s a good start but that’s seven commits to the team, with six more spots to fill. Plus, the transfer portal has since closed, so the viable options are starting to get fewer and free for Arkansas Basketball. The good news is that some high-profile names are still reportedly interested in the Razorbacks. Here’s a list of four names to keep watch, along with a brief view of who has already joined.