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Arkansas Basketball: Analyzing transfer targets DJ Wagner, Wooga Poplar, Kasean Pryor and Dillon Mitchell

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Arkansas Basketball transfer target - Dillon Mitchell

2023-24 season stats: 9.6 ppg and 7.5 rpg

Mitchell is another former 5-star prospect who started two years at Texas, shooting 60% from the field. But the athletic 6’8 combo forward never was able to break out offensively. Part of it is his limitations, not able to spread the floor. Yet Mitchell can certainly defend and rebound at a high level, including 21 points and eight rebounds in a strong effort against UConn.

In an SEC that's featuring more athletes than ever, Mitchell would certainly have an impact. The question is with Thiero on board, does it make sense to add him? They both do the same things and while playing them together would be great defensively, they’d have some problems on the offensive end. Plus, one of them would have to sacrifice some minutes in order to combine for 40 minutes at the four-spot.

Arkansas Basketball transfer target - Kasean Pryor

2023-24 season stats: 13.0 ppg and 7.9 rpg

South Florida has had some notable transfers this offseason, including Chris Youngblood and Selton Miguel. But Pryor was an underrated part of the Bulls’ AAC title run, leading them in rebounds in 21 starts. Some of his biggest outings include 21 points and 10 rebounds against Memphis and 29 points versus both Rice and Tulsa.

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Pryor is a 6’9 combo forward, who can spread the floor as well, making 36% of his three-point shots last season. He’s not the kind of defender as a Mitchell or Thiero in the frontcourt but he’s arguably an offensive upgrade and allows Coach Cal and Arkansas to not have clogged offensive lineups, which was a past issue at Kentucky.