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Atlantic 10 Basketball: 2024 Offseason Pressure Index for each team

Saint Joseph's v Seton Hall
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College basketball stopped playing games just a few days ago, yet the transfer portal has been on fire for over three weeks. At the time of this typing, 1,370 players have entered, with less than 150 committed to a new destination. With the exception of Eric Musselman landing Josh Cohen at two different schools, the offseason has been much more about players leaving than players arriving.

As we get deeper into April (and entry into the portal closing on May 1), that will begin to shift and "gets" season will intensify. In the new landscape, April may now be the second most important month of the year. The four year cycle of college basketball has given way to a two year carousel and for many schools, continuous one year resets. Now, a botched April most likely means a brutal November and a February full of failure, leading to players being most of the way out the door before March even arrives. There's a reason that Jon Rothstein waits until May to sleep.

Over the next few weeks, coaches will convert into general managers, hoping to fill their roster's biggest needs before covering the final edges with lower rated high schoolers and unheralded transfers at the end of the spring. It's an important time for all, but for some the pressure is significantly different, thanks to the current roster outlook, being in year one or two of a perceived cycle, and of course, their own job security.

*Plenty more players will still decide to transfer but for sake of simplicity, I am assuming that anyone still on their team on the night of April 14 is returning, with the exception of a few unannounced Covid year seniors and NBA draft prospects. Only players who were over eight minutes a game are listed.

**I give a top target for each team. Every player listed is a transfer, simply because it's a lot easier to sift through The Portal Report's transfer tracker for players with college stats than to dive into the mystery world of high school recruiting outside of the four and five stars. Additionally, all targets listed have been publicly contacted by that school, unless I note otherwise.

***All ideal targets are hyperlinked to their stats.