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Big East Basketball: Way-too-early power rankings for 2024-25 season

Purdue v Connecticut
Purdue v Connecticut / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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2. Creighton Blue Jays

The Creighton Blue Jays got an absolute boon with the return of superstar big man Ryan Kalkbrenner. Bigs are hard to come by, especially ones that stick around one program for as long as possible. Baylor Scheierman’s career May be done, but down low they do not have to make any replacements. They also did not just bring back a star, they added to this roster as well.

Pop Isaacs from Texas Tech is going to provide a nice spark as a guard, and Jamiya Neal from Arizona State brings a much-needed wing player. The youth is also plenty in Omaha, with Jackson McAndrew, Larry Johnson, and Ty Davis completing this solid class for the Blue Jays. 

They find themselves with a great mix of returning talent, solid transfers, and a recruiting class that will help them out in the future. Credit to Sean McDermott for finding a way to build a healthy roster in this current landscape, which has been unique to see. Now can they get over the hump and win a Big East title? That will be something this program hopes to see as the top gets weaker. 

Someone will have to step up and replace the shooting that leaves this team, but should still be just fine when it comes to that. They’ll be a bit more physical this year, but sometimes you sacrifice shooting there. The Blue Jays will be a force to be reckoned with, but a lot of it will be dependent on if there is another level Kalkbrenner can reach, or have we seen the peak of him as a player. If he gets a bit better and more athletic, then this conference has a lot to watch out for when they make that trip to the Midwest.