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Big East Basketball: Way-too-early power rankings for 2024-25 season

Purdue v Connecticut
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10. Butler Bulldogs

Butler’s success comes in waves, and it seems like this may be a season where that wave is near the lower half of the conference. The Bulldogs had a strong presence in their guard depth last year, but that took a huge hit with Posh Alexander looking elsewhere next season. 

They also had some other departures and have not done a ton to replace the talent that was depleted from this roster. Patrick McCaffery and Jamie Kaiser are solid pickups, but not enough so far to compete in the Big East Conference. There is still plenty of time in this portal cycle, but there is a ton of work left to do for this squad. 

Big man depth is going to be a big piece to look for, as well as picking up another solid guard to replace the production that Alexander provided. But with the position the Bulldogs are in, they will have to either find a diamond in the rough, or one of their young pieces will have to step up and handle the rock. 

But with the shape their roster is in at the moment, this is looking like a potential down year for Butler, but all it takes is one transfer to fix the situation here. Thad Matta is also a solid and respectable coach who has made plays in the portal before, so hope is not lost just yet.