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Big East Basketball: Way-too-early power rankings for 2024-25 season

Purdue v Connecticut
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7. Georgetown Hoyas

The Ed Cooley experiment is finally starting to work when it comes to the acquisition of talent in recruiting especially through the portal. What this off-season has become is exactly why you go out and hire a coach of his caliber and stature, because now they have one of the best overall classes in the nation. 

They have three four-star transfers with small forward Curtis Williams Jr, Harvard guard Malik Mack, and TCU standout Michael Peavy. That alone is already an influx of talent to make things happen, but Cooley hit the recruiting trail as well. Thomas Sorber shows promos as a 6’9 big man from Archbishop Ryan. And Kayvaun Mulready and Caleb Williams round out a solid class.

While a class like this needs a full roster around them to make an impact that moves them up the standings in a significant manner, this will be a huge building block year for the Hoyas. Cooley has a chance with this talent to overperform and even move a bit higher if they get another piece. 

Plenty of classes with high rankings and great talent do not work, but that is only because of poor coaching at times. Cooley can get the best out of his players, which is exactly what he did at Providence. If he can replicate any of that success, the Hoyas can make some noise in the Big East this season.