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Big East Basketball: What each team's 2024 New Year's Resolution should be

American University v Villanova
American University v Villanova / Mitchell Layton/GettyImages
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Creighton - Force more turnovers

The Creighton Blue Jays have a glaring issue defensively, and that is their lack of steals this season. They sit dead last in the conference with 3.4 steals per game, the closest team to them is DePaul with five steals per game.

Opponent turnovers is the category that really sticks out here, with Creighton also sitting at last with 7.7 opponent turnovers per game. While they have been winning, their guards need to be more aggressive in denying the ball, and creating turnovers, because in the low-scoring Big East, every possession matters. Defensively they are fine with rim protection because of Ryan Kalkbrenner, but turnover creation and perimeter guard play need to improve.

Villanova - stop playing down to competition

The biggest issue for Villanova has been playing down to their competition, they will play like a National Championship contender against a Marquette or a Creighton, but find a way to lose to Drexel or St. Joseph's. While they have been impressive in Big East play, that worry of a potential loss to an inferior opponent makes it hard to trust them.

Based on some of their bad losses in nonconference play, they also have to have a great run in conference play to get an at-large bid at the NCAA Tournament, so this is a necessary resolution. A loss from this team to anybody in the bottom half of the Big East can be a death sentence for them, so this will need to change soon.