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Big East Basketball: What each team's 2024 New Year's Resolution should be

American University v Villanova
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St. John's - Meet expectations

Rick Pitino and the St. John's Red Storm were the best and most exciting story of the college basketball offseason. But now, they just appear to be a middle-of-the-pack team, especially after their nonconference slate.

They have started off Big East play 1-1 with a win over Xavier and a close loss to UConn, but they now have to keep things moving. This is a team that had expectations of being a contender in this conference, and now they have to go out there and prove it. What is great about college basketball is that there is plenty of time left to make up for past losses, and that is what St. John's will be doing in 2024.

Butler - Find Consistency

Butler finds themselves in the reverse situation of St. John's, they have exceeded expectations mightily but now have to find consistency in Big East play. They also started their conference scheduled 1-1, with a win over Georgetown and a loss to Providence.

This 10-3 team has a tough three-game stretch with matchups against St. Johns', UConn, and Marquette which is a stretch that may see them lose all of those matchups. But if Butler can back up their strong early-season run, then this is a team that will be looking at a potential at-large bid when it comes to March. They have gotten great performances from their stars, but will they be consistent? That is yet to be seen in 2024.